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A little bit about Direct Shooting Supplies

Direct Shooting Supplies is a family run business based near Barnard castle in the North of England. Our offices and our large Mail Order Warehouse adjoin our home so we usually end up working 24/7 to meet the huge demand for our products. As a small family run firm we can provide the best customer service, tailored advice and great products personally sourced using 40 years of shooting experience. Here at Direct Shooting Supplies we work hard and we shoot hard, most of us have shot or been around shooting all our lives so we know shooting inside out.

Direct Shooting Supplies is a forward looking company and we are constantly sourcing new and innovative products from overseas, especially from the USA. Customers in the UK have, rightly, become more demanding and they want to use the very latest products made from premium, state of the art materials and that is what we are looking to bring to you. We field test almost all of the products that we sell in the most demanding conditions and if we are happy with the performance we are happy to sell it to you, if it fails our tests then we don't sell it.


Young Wildfowler, Sam's first Mallard
The Young Wildfowler Sam, then aged 8 with a couple of Ducks from one of our flight ponds.
Head of our Children's Clothing section is young Sam Griffin. Well OK, he's not strictly “Head of Children's Clothing but he is our in-house Children's clothing tester and adviser! Sam is now 12 and has shot since he was 5, at age 8 he obtained his Shotgun Licence and started Wildfowling as a member of South Solway Wildfowlers, Westmorland Wildfowlers, as a permit holder at Lindisfarne and as a visitor to the Firth of Tay. Sam does a lot of rabbit shooting, Pigeon Shooting, Duck Flighting and inland Goose flighting but most of all he loves getting out on the foreshore enjoying true Wildfowling. Sam is also a keen footballer and he is proud to play football for Barnard Castle Football Club and Barnard Castle Cricket Team.

Sam makes every attempt to test our Children's Shooting Clothing to destruction, he wears it out shooting, he plays in it and he sometimes sleeps in it. After he has trialled a product he gives us a very frank view of the product, if Sam rates a product we bring it into our range, if he reckons it is rubbish we don't sell it. Sam also works on our exhibition unit at Game Fairs and he provides excellent advice to other kid's and their parents when they are looking for Children's Shooting Clothing and Gun's.

Molly is 9 and her role is to annoy, wind up and distract Sam so that he is always the one in trouble! Molly is “Head of Security" at Game Fairs, she is very astute and can spot a Shop Lifter at 100 paces, she then follows them around our marquee! Molly has no interest in shooting but she is a fashion guru and loves to try on our range of kids clothing and provide us with a girl's opinion and this can be very useful. Molly is also a great help to us when making size comparisons for clothing and customers use he as a “model" to get an idea of how garments will fit their own children. Molly's interest is in horses, she is an excellent rider and renowned for her ability to handle difficult ponies. Molly is a member of the Zetland Hunt Pony Club and has done very well at Pony Club Camp this summer. Molly particularly uses some of our Waterproof Children's Shooting Jackets, Gloves and Hats when she is riding out, cleaning stables or generally messing about in the yard whilst some else cleans her Ponies stables for her. Molly would like to see us introduce Gamehide's range of “girly" Pink and Blue Realtree trimmed clothing for 2009 and we may take up her advice, what do you think?

The Boss - WildfowlingRobert takes a back seat but provides product and specialist advice, guidance and support to the company as needed. I guess you'll still find him giving a helping hand in the office and he'll still be available to post his Wildfowling diary and to give customers specialist advice. Robert has shot since he was 5, he now tries to shoot several times a week and has a huge amount of experience Pigeon Shooting, Wildfowling, Game Shooting, Foxing, Gamekeeping, Game Farming, Rough Shooting and Clay Shooting. Robert has shot Clay's in all the major Sporting Championships including two appearances in the World Championships. He has run his own Game Shoot for the past 20 years and in that time has built two shoots from scratch. Robert's favoured sport is coastal Wildfowling, in the 1980's he was a regular Punt Gunner and he would manage up to 90 foreshore flights in a season. In recent years work and family commitments dramatically reduced the time he had for wildfowling. However development of our Mail Order business and closure of our shop now allows a flexible work pattern and this combined with young Sam's love of 'fowling means a lot more time will be spent below the Sea Wall from this season onwards. Robert is a member of South Solway Wildfowlers Association and Westmorland Wildfowlers Association, he is also a wildfowling permit holder at Lindisfarne and also shoots the Tay & Montrose Basin.

Robert spends a great deal of time sourcing new stock from the USA, we are committed to providing the latest products made using cutting edge technology and materials. Robert Field tests most of our products and you will usually find a frank and detailed within our item listings, if not ring us and you will get an honest opinion!

Dawn is the Company Director and owner of Direct Shooting Supplies and has also had a lifetime around shooting sports as her father USA - Shot Show 2009. Our Driver!was Gamekeeper and she has spent a great deal of time helping as a beater & Flanker on the Grouse Moors at Barningham, Wemmergill and Holwick and also as a beater on local Pheasant Shoots. Dawn has always helped Robert on his Game Shoots and on the Rearing Field at his former shoot. Using her lifelong experience Dawn has a great understanding of the demands of shooting sports and she has used many of our clothing products herself. Dawn sees the end result of Robert, Sam and Molly's attempts at destroying their own clothing so she has an eye for a good shooting product, if a garment has a fault or it is not up to the task she is usually the first to spot this.

TealTeal and Woody are in charge of retrieving and not much else. Teal is a good looking lab but he “is not right", he has some very bizarre habits, mind you what can you expect when we paid for him with a Hatsan Semi-Auto that was always jamming? To be frank I had lost hope in him ever making it as a Gun Dog but at last, after 2 years, I found a glimmer of understanding in his dark eyes and he has proved to be the most loyal dog you could have. I've had him on the marsh this season and he has amazed me  he is the most powerful swimmer II've had, he will lie still in the bottom of a gutter all night, he's fearless and he has that sixth sense you need from a Wildfowling Dog, if it drops he goes and he finds it. Woody is slightly older and as bright as they come but totally disobedient and I blame his breeder, Steve Woodhall, for this! Woody has an excellent nose, he works like a Spaniel crossed with a Lurcher and a Lab so now you see the problem I have? He is an excellent water dog and could be a great wildfowling dog if he was slightly heavier built and could sit still.

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