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Ferreting with a Young Shot
Written by Sam Griffin, aged 9.

Today I went ferreting with my Dad and my two ferrets on October the 27.2007.


Putting the ferret locator collar on.
Sam putting the Ferret Locator Collar onto Darkey his Polecat Ferret
We parked in the yard and Melvin the farmer came across and told us were to go. Then we set off walking across the field we saw a rabbit run into a warren. When I got to the warren me and dad got my nets over. I decided that I would collar up Darkey and put her in the warren  my polecat bolted one after about 4 minutes it was recovering from myxomatosis then we packed up then moved up to the next set of holes.    


We walked across to the other side of the field then up the fence and came across a warren. Me and dad got all twenty nets out and put them over the holes, there was some holes spare what we covered with rocks. Then I got Darkey my ferret made sure the locator collar was working and put her down the hole. Melvin the farmer came across and after about 7 minutes there was some squealing down the hole, Dad saw a rabbit down the hole he pulled the rabbit out the ferret was holding on to the other end. Then Melvin had to go as he’d left the gate open and his sheep were getting out. Just then we bolted another when Dad was gutting the first rabbit so we had a bit of a rush. Then we packed up. 

Putting the Ferret down the hole
With all Purse Nets in place Sam puts his Ferret into the warren


Then we moved on up the fence and came across another warren with about 15 holes then me and Dad got the purse nets over and I got Whitey my ferret out and collared her up with the Mark 1 ferret finder then put her down the hole. The first time I went ferreting she got kicked by a big buck rabbit so she was not very confident. She came out then we put her back in and straight away she was chasing something but then she came out and as we did not want to be put her off we packed up. As we went across to the next warren Melvin had told us about we saw 3 buzzards hovering overhead and that was good watching.

Watching the Buzzards
Sam takes a minute to watch the Buzzards.


Then we moved onto a warren that Melvin the had told us about and that we had missed. When we got to the warren we got about 8 purse nets out and then we got Whitey my albino ferret out and collard her up. We then put her into the warren and she was chasing something inside a few minutes and we could hear her fighting with a rabbit. We used the Mark 1 Ferret Finder to see were she was and Dad started to dig, just as he started a rabbit bolted into the net. Then we stuck Darkey my polecat ferret in and soon she was casing something, then she had hold of something so we had to dig her out. As we did this she let go of the rabbit when we were digging and the rabbit bolted into a net.  Then we packed up and set of walking across the fields back to the yard. Me and Dad split up and went down separate sides of the field so we could both look for rabbit holes ready for our next visit.  When we got back to the yard we talked to Melvin he was pleased about how many rabbits I had got.

Putting the Purse Nets away
The end of the days Ferreting and Sam packs away his Purse Nets


The end    


National Ferret Welfare Society


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