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Goose and Duck Shooting with DSS Pro-Staffer and Young Gun, Sam
Morning Flight Mania and Six with Steel by DSS Pro-Staffer, Sam Griffin.

Morning flight mania.

Its the 1st of September 9:00 pm, me & my Dad have just arranged to go goose shooting in the morning so I better get my things ready. There are about 1000 geese on the lake which we are flighting and we are going to shoot them between the lake and where they feed so we don’t disturb the roost or the feeding grounds. The next morning my alarm went of at 5:15 am and I run down stairs get a slice of toast and me and my dad then load the car. Right lets go, we left our house at 5:30 am and it will take us about 10 to 15 minutes to get to where we want to be. As soon as we arrive at 5:40 am the first pack of Greylag geese came over but we didn’t get a shot as we’d not set up, oh well at least we know they look like they are coming this way. Ten minutes after arriving a skein of Canadas are coming my way just wide though but there was a pair right behind them and they are so I let the big lot pass me. The pair comes in range and pass at 40 yards, bang, 1st bird down. As I was picking that one up a skein of greylags came over my head "bang, bang" bird hit hard but carries on but, look again, it is coming down and about 200 yards behind me it crashes down so we go and pick that up. A bigger skein this time of about 30 wide of me but over my dad "bang bang" and he has that bird down so that’s 3 down and picked up so far. Suddenly about 500 geese got up and came over "bang, bang" one shot each and Dad gets another goose down and my gun jams but how did I miss them even with my single shot? We now had two each so we thought we would go and leave them for another day. 


Six with Steel

On the night of the 2nd we went duck flighting. Before I left home I checked I had all my clothing, calls, decoys and my 12 gauge Webley and Scott semi auto because it is easy to forget something important. I have been watching what we call the fire pond for several weeks and there has been a lot of sign of ducks ever since we started feeding that pond. We have got an electric feeder on the pond which throws food out at what ever times we set. I arrived at the fire pond at about 8:00 pm, by the time I had set my 5 duck decoys up and got in position it was about 8:15 pm. Suddenly the first pack of mallard appeared other the brow of the hill wait, wait let them right in…and "take ‘em" "bang, bang" 2 out of the pack of 4 had fallen so good start. By the time I had picked the two ducks up and got back in the hide I realised there was a pack of about 15 to 20 mallard in a pack to my surprise they were coming my way, "bang bang, bang" another two down and soon another two picked up. I thought there was a lot of sign but I never expected this many coming into a pond this size. Five minutes later a pack of teal went flying by but they were to fast for and I let them go without a shot fired. Is that another pack of mallard in the distance? Lets give them a call with the Sweet Cherry duck call, they were getting closer and closer, yes they are mallard, five of them, let them right in "bang" another duck down and picked up. Suddenly a single mallard went past about 70 yard in front of me so I gave it a call and in it came "bang, bang" no how did I miss? It was last light now so if any ducks come in it will be now and as I though that two ducks bombed into the pond very fast but luckily this time I was fast enough and got another mallard down and picked. What an amazing evening flight on such a small pond!

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