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Young Shot Sam gets a new shotgun for his Wildfowling and Rough Shooting

Sam is now 10 and has had his Shotgun Licence since he was 8. He first shot on my own shoot with a .410 when he was about 5 and then moved onto a 20 bore when he was 7.  Once he got his Shotgun Licence he joined South Solway Wildfowlers, Westmorland Wildfowlers and he also went wildfowling at Lindisfarne and on the Tay, he shot his first foreshore goose on the Tay when he was 8.

 Pigeon Flighting



Sam is a tall lad for his age and, particularly on the foreshore, he is under-gunned with a 20 bore so we decided to try him with a semi-auto 12 bore. Using a 12 bore will also give him a much greater choice of non-toxic ammo for ducks and geese. Don’t get me wrong Sam has done well with the 20, in his best season he shot a dozen geese and plenty of ducks but a bit more firepower, a wider range of cartridges and better patterning will help him.


Shooting an auto is a problem for Sam as he shoots off his left shoulder so he needs a left hander that ejects to the left so he does not have cases or powder flying across his face. We had a look for a gun at the Scottish Game Fair and Sam liked the feel, weight and length of the Hatsan so we ordered one for him but the supplier did not come up with the goods so he was very disappointed. We then had a Trade stand down at the CLA Game Fair and late on the last day we managed to go and have a look for a gun and found a Webley 810 at Avalon Guns that was light and short enough for him and he handled it very well so a deal was struck and Sam now has a 3” Magnum Steel Proofed Camo Semi Auto – he was delighted.


When we got back home we gave him a rough fitting, the comb looked a bit low and the stock was to long so we removed the recoil pads and taped a simple butt plate on. We then went out for an evening Pigeon Flight but the birds would not play ball and he never got a shot.


The following week we had a Trade Stand at the Highland Field Sports Fair so I arranged with Donald Muir from BASC for one of the BASC accredited Shooting Coaches to have a look at Sam’s Gun fit, if you are to enjoy “pain free” shooting it is important the Gun fits you well. The BASC Shooting Coach recommended Sam had a further ¾” removed from his stock but the Comb was OK. The Coach gave Sam a few Clays to shoot and this was Sam’s first experience of Shooting a 12 Bore and an Auto, I am glad we got this out of the way as I know he was worried about the potential recoil. He did not need to worry as the felt recoil was lower than with his 20 bore and he shot well hitting 9 out of 15 varied clays. Sam was very happy with his short session with the BASC coach.

 First Rabbit with new gun


Sam has now had his first shot at “live game” with his new gun .We went down the field behind our house and he stalked up behind the wall to get a shot at the rabbits in his Uncles field. It was nearly dark and the grass was long so he struggled to pick out a shot but he bagged a bolting rabbit with his second shot and was delighted.


Sam is very pleased that he has moved up to a 12 bore and he really likes the low recoil and the handling of his Semi Auto, it should serve him very well on the marsh. He has kept his Lincoln 20 Bore Over and Under for his Game Shooting although he is talking about getting a 12 Bore Over and Under within a couple of seasons.

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