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The Direct Shooting Supplies Pro-Staff - Wildfowlers, Deer Stalkers, Gamekeeper, Pigeon Shooters, Game Shots and Young Shot

The DSS Pro-Staff Team is made up of highly experienced shooters who have diverse opinions, shooting needs and specialties. Our Pro-Staff pursue all legal quarry in the UK, we have wildfowlers, ex-gamekeepers, deer stalkers, young shots, callers, firearms experts, dog handlers and much more. DSS Pro-Staff test and evaluate many of our products and feedback the results. DSS Pro-staff provide advice and tips for our website, they are often available to give advice on our stand at major Game Fairs.


Here you can meet the DSS Pro-Staff:


Stotty DSS Pro StaffAndy Stott (Stotty to his pals) has shot since he was 5 years old, starting his shooting career stalking woodpigeons and rabbits with .22 air rifle and .410 shotgun. Essential field craft skills and the art of concealment were learned very quickly at an early age. His interests expanded quickly into a diverse range of sporting activities including Ferreting, Snaring rats at the local Sewage works (don’t ask me why!), Pigeon Decoying, Amateur Game Keeping, Rough shooting, Clay shooting and most forms of Driven Game. Andy’s real passion (actually its an obsession) is for Wildfowling, from true coastal wildfowling to inland flight ponds and inland goose decoying. He is the Secretary of his local Wildfowling Club. From the 1st September to 20th February you’ll find him crouching in the remotest gutters on the Kent Estuary in the old County of Westmorland. He manages a minimum of 60 coastal flights a season and is always on the look out for that ‘extra edge’ often needed to outwit the wary waterfowl. He swears by neoprene, is an ambassador for the new light weight waterproof camouflage clothing ranges on the market, and uses many types of calls, decoys and ‘fowling accessories to his advantage. Andy is delighted to have been invited to join the DSS Pro Staff team & is looking forward to field testing some of their latest products.                    


Same Griffin - Pro StaffYoung Sam Griffin, aged 12, is the youngest of the DSS Pro Staffers and a vital member of the DSS Pro Staff Team. Sam has shot since he was 5, at age 8 he obtained his Shotgun Licence and started Wildfowling as a member of South Solway Wildfowlers, Westmorland Wildfowlers, as a permit holder at Lindisfarne and as a visitor to the Firth of Tay where he shot his first foreshore goose when he was 8. Sam does a lot of rabbit shooting, Pigeon Shooting, Ferreting, Snaring, Airgunning, Pheasant Beating, Mole Trapping and Duck Flighting but most of all he loves getting out on the foreshore enjoying true Wildfowling. Sam is also a keen footballer and he is proud to play soccer for Barnard Castle Football Club.


Sam makes every attempt to test our Children’s Shooting Clothing, Duck Calls, Goose Calls, Decoys and Shooting Accessories to destruction. As a youngster he has no respect for the items we give him to trial, he simply abuses them. After he has trialled a product he gives us a very frank view of the product, if Sam rates a product we bring it into our range, if he reckons it is rubbish we don’t sell it. As a youngster Sam can struggle with advanced calls due to lack of breath whilst small hands, lack of strength and limited patience mean he gives good feedback and another angle on products that may be good for novice wildfowlers. Sam also works on our exhibition unit at Game Fairs and he provides excellent advice to other kid’s and their parents when they are looking for Children’s Shooting Clothing and Gun’s.



Robert Griffin, DSS Pro-StaffRobert Griffin is Head of the DSS Pro Staff and has shot since he was 5. He now tries to shoot several times a week and has a huge amount of experience Pigeon Shooting, Wildfowling, Game Shooting, Foxing, Gamekeeping, Game Farming, Rough Shooting and Clay Shooting. Robert has shot Clay’s in all the major Sporting Championships including two appearances in the World Championships. He has run his own Game Shoot for the past 20 years and in that time has built two shoots from scratch. Robert’s favoured sport is coastal Wildfowling, in the 1980’s he was a regular Punt Gunner and he would manage up to 90 foreshore flights in a season. In recent years work and family commitments dramatically reduced the time he had for wildfowling. However development of our Mail Order business and closure of our shop now allows a flexible work pattern and this combined with young Sam’s love of ‘fowling means a lot more time will be spent below the Sea Wall from this season onwards. Robert is a member of South Solway Wildfowlers Association and Westmorland Wildfowlers Association, he is also a wildfowling permit holder at Lindisfarne and also shoots the Tay & Montrose Basin.


Robert spends a great deal of time sourcing new stock from the USA, we are committed to providing the latest products made using cutting edge technology and materials. Robert Field tests most of our products and you will usually find a frank and detailed within our item listings, if not ring us and you will get an honest opinion!



Grunt! DSS Pro StaffThe fourth member of the DSS Pro Staff is simply known as “Grunt!”. “Grunt!” never says much for himself, he simply “Grunt’s”. “Grunt!” has very few friends, I think the smell puts them off, and it has to be said that they are also very odd. “Grunt!” is camera shy, some say it’s because he’s still on the run from a secure institution, I don’t know? What I know is “Grunt!” is a superb Hill and Woodland Deer Stalker with extensive experience and knowledge, he demands the best clothing, rifles and equipment. “Grunt!” enjoys his wildfowling as much as the next man and has one of the finest collections of Goose Decoys which he admires and strokes daily in a rather worrying manner. “Grunt!” is a former Gamekeeper, he’s a very good Dog man and, most worrying of all, he’s a Carp Angler! “Grunt!” almost literally, lives in his shooting gear and he will not accept second best. “Grunt!” is more heavily involved in Shooting Sports than anyone else I know and spends almost every day in the shooting field or providing advice & support on shooting related matters. We generally use him to test and advice on Clothing, Calls and Accessories for Deer Stalking and Wildfowling.


Finally we have the man we call "Jimmy the Jock".

James Carruthers is our DSS Pro Staff air gunning tutor and has been shooting Air Guns since he was 7 and shoots at least three times a week either on targets or live quarry giving him a world of knowledge on all aspects of air gunning. He enjoys nothing more than promoting air gunning to those that show the slightest interest in the sport. James has used his knowledge to secure shooting permissions from Scotland to South Yorkshire and has offered pest and vermin control with some venues being a bit unusual, such as a cricket club in a busy city centre and a concrete factory where he shot feral pigeons from a cherry picker.

James with silly hat
James, "Jimmy the Jock", wearing a silly hat on a Rough Shoot Day.
James knows the importance of field craft and works on this tirelessly and knows the importance of good clothing to aid in the art of concealment. He openly admits that he enjoys the stalk more to the kill when out shooting  and its not how many he gets in the bag but how they got in the there that counts. Being a thrifty Scotsman he likes to spend his cash on products that will last and will make sure that its known if something is not up to scratch. James has also joined the "big boys" and taken up shotgun shooting but judging by his performace to date he'd be better off sticking to his air rifles?


You can contact our Pro Staff by e-mail:

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