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A Young Shot Pigeon Shooting
10 year old Sam tells you about an afternoon Pigeon Shooting

Pigeon shooting the 11/8/08


One Monday afternoon me my dad and Harry my cousin

decided to go pigeon shooting at my Dad’s wood near Eggleston. So we set of at about 1:30 pm and got there about 1:50.We went and fed the duck’s and saw loads of pigeons coming so it was looking good.

Pigeon Shooting - a short wait
Young Shot, Sam, waiting for Pigeons to flight.


When Dad got back I told him that they were coming in over the Larch near the Fell Wall so we set off whilst Dad went and fed the flight pond.  Me and Harry put on our Realtree Jackets and set off to where the pigeons were coming in at .Dad caught us and then we got set up. I got my new 12 bore semi auto 3 shot out of my slip and put two cartridges in my gun.


I could see the pigeons coming up the valley and then up over the moor, when they got to us I had a shot but I missed and Dad had a shot at it and he got it. Harry went and got it and got back as more came into view but they went just wide. I then spotted one more coming and it went to Dad who got it, Harry and I picked it up. Then there was a big gap before they started to flight again, I had a shot I but missed and Dad got it. This one was a runner so Harry and I had to be fast getting to it and despatching it. While I was picking this one Dad got another so Harry went and picked it up. When I got back to the Fell wall Dad said they were all going up the top of the hill about 30 yards away so I moved the other side of the tree to see if I could get under them. There was a big pack coming but when they got me they all went except two that came low,  I had a shot and I was pleased to get one that my cousin Harry picked up for me. A good Pigeon  Flight


I went back down to Dad we had a count up we got 13 Pigeons which will make a good meal. We took a few pictures for the website and then put the guns in slips and the birds in a Game Bag. I was not shooting that well because my stock on my gun is a bit long but it has been good practice to learn how to safely load and handle it. We set off back, on the way back the pigeons were still coming in big numbers so there will be a good flight left for another day. We got back the Landrover and put every thing back in the vehicle like are guns cartridges pigeons and game bag.


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