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Camping & Survival

Direct Shooting Supplies stock and extensive range of Camping and Survival accessories.

Shooting DVD's


Shooting Accessories
Direct Shooting Supplies supply an extensive range of Shooting Accessories including leading brands like Realtree, Advantage Timber, Garlands, Hunter's Specialities, Primos, Whitewater Outdoors, Jack Pyke, Allen and Buffalo River.
Rifle Scopes
Game Bags
Gun Covers
Cartridge Bags
Direct Shooting Supplies for a range of Leather, Canvas Cartridge Bags, Leather Cartridge Bags and Camouflage Cartridge Bags
Lamping equipment suitable for Gamekeepers and Shooting enthusiasts involved in the control of Rabbits and Foxes.

Direct Shooting Supplies supply a seasonal range of Decoys and Decoying Equipment. All year round we stock Pigeon Decoys and Crow Decoys, Hide Netting, Decoy Bags and Hide Seats. As we draw towards the Wildfowling season we stock Duck Decoys, Goose Decoys, Anchor Cord and Decoy Weights.

Clothing - Gloves
We sell a good range of Shooting Gloves including Realtree Gloves, Gore-tex Gloves, Realtree APG Gloves, Realtree HWG, Advantage MAX-4, Wildfowlers and Advantage Timber Gloves. 
Calls - Duck Calls
Duck Calls - Mallard Calls, Pintail Calls, Teal Calls and Wigeon Calls from Direct Shooting Supplies Ltd who import Haydel's Game Calls into the UK
Bags & Rucksacks
Direct Shooting Supplies stock bags for shooting, camping, fishing and military uses by Highlander, Web-tex and Thatchreed Uniforms
Clothing - Waterproof
Waterproof Clothing suitable for Shooting, Fishing, Gamekeeping, Beating and Outdoor Pursuits  from Direct Shooting Supplies.
Clothing - Shirts
Direct Shooting Supplies  have a good range of Shooting Clothing including Shooting Jackets, Shooting Shirts and Shooting Trousers. We sell these in Realtree, Advantage Timber, Mossy Oak and English Oak.
Gun Care
Clothing - Headwear
A small selection of our available headwear suitable for Shooting and Outdoor Pursuits. We supply brands such as Jack Pyke, Garlands, Whitewater, Hunters Specialities, Realtree, Advantage Timber, Advantage MAX-4, Mossy Oak, Haydels, Highlander, Thatchreed, etc.
Direct Shooting Supplies have  a range of good quality Shooting Socks including traditional Breek Socks, Shooting Stockings, Sock Garters and Welly Socks.
Cartridge Belts
Direct Shooting Supplies have a good selection of cartridge belts including Leather Cartridge Belts, Neoprene Cartridge Belts, Wildfowlers Cartridge Belts and Camouflage Cartridge Belts
Clothing - Children

Direct Shooting Supplies stock Childrens Shooting Clothing including Childrens Shooting Jackets, Childrens Army Jackets, Childrens Trousers and Childrens Camouflage Hats.


Nikwax & Grangers



Clothing - Trousers
Direct Shooting Supplies stock and extensive Range of Shooting Clothing. We stock Shooting Trousers in Realtree Hardwoods, Advantage Timber, Advantage Max-4, Naked North, Flyway Camo, Realtree AP, Realtree APG, Realtree HWG, etc..
Clothing - Jackets
Direct Shooting Supplies stock an extensive range of Shooting Jackets for Rough Shooting, Wildfowling, Deer Stalking, Air Rifle Shooting and Pigeon Shooting. We stock jackets in Realtree HWG, Realtree AP, Realtree APG, Advantage Timber, Advantage MAX-4 and Mossy Oak
Clothing - misc
Gun Dogs
Air Rifle Shooting

Direct Shooting Supplies for Air Rifle Pellets, Gun Covers, Pellet Pouches, Rifle Slings, Gun Care Products and Rifle Scopes.

Slings and Swivels
Direct Shooting Supplies for Rifle Slings, Air Rifle Slings and Shotgun Slings and Sling Swivels 
Eye & Ear Protection

Ear Defenders, Ear Plugs and Shooting Safety Glasses by Bisley, Napier of London, Jack Pyke and Garlands

Clothing - Shooting Ties
A range of Shooting ties with Pheasants, Woodcock, Grouse, Partridge, Cartridges, Dogs and Shotguns by Bisley and Garlands 
Calls - Goose Calls

Goose calls - Canada Goose Calls, Pinkfoot Calls and Greylag Calls. Direct Shooting Supplies Ltd import Haydel's Goose Calls and UK tune calls for Pinkfooted Geese

Calls - Fox Calls
Direct Shooting Supplies import the Haydel's GHC Fox Call from the USA - we rate it as the best Fox Call.
Calls - Crow Calls
Direct Shooting Supplies Ltd import the Haydel's TC87 Triple Tone Crow Call - we reckon it is the best Crow Call available.
Shooting Seats
A selection of Shooting Sticks by Gamebird and Bisley.
Call- Deer Calls
Hubertus Deer Call and Faulhaber Deer Calls
Hip Flasks & Cups
Pewter Hip Flasks, Steel Hip Flasks, Leather Bound Hip Flasks, Shooting Hip Flasks and Steel Hip Flask Cups
Shooting Books
Shooting Books, Shooting Diaries and Game Registers
Gun Security

Trigger locks, gun security locks, gun security cables, air rifle security, rifle locks and other temporary gun security measures.

Clothing - Shooting Jumpers
Shooting Jumpers by Jack Pyke and Bisley
Calls - Squirrel Calls

Look out for the deadly Haydel's Squirrel Call which arrives in the New Year....

Air Arms Parts
Air Arms Air Rifle Parts

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