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Here we have a few pictures from our forays out Rough Shooting, Pigeon Shooting and Rabbiting

We are lucky to be about on our own shoot several times a week. Usually it is to feed our Ducks and Pheasants or it may be to check release pens, laying pens, feeders, drinkers, traps or it may be to control Rabbits and other Vermin. Sometimes we find the time to do a bit of shooting and here are a few of our pictures.

Shooting Rabbits and Pigeons

Top Left: Sam looking for Pigeons. Top Right: Sam after a "blank" day. Bottom left: A rabbit near Bowes Castle. Bottom Right: Deer Stalkers Dog

 Deer Stalkers and Rough Shooter

Top left: Strange bloke. Top Right: Strange Bloke fixes a Deer Stalking High Seat. Bottom left: Very strange bloke. Bottom Right: Sam's first left and right at Rabbits

Pigeon Shooting, Rabbit Shooting and Ferreting
A few pictures of late summer Pigeon Shooting and Rabbiting

Top left: Sam gets a big Rabbit for his Ferrets supper with his 20 Bore. Sam uses a Lincoln 20 Bore with 30" Barrels and a cut down stock

Top right: Another Pigeon for the pot from an excellant flightline that produces Pigeons throughout Summer and Autumn.

Botton left: Sam with "Darky" his Polecat Ferret. This was the first day out working for Sam's young Ferrets.

Botton Right: Clearing a Rabbit hole before "Whitey", Sam's young Albino Ferret is put down a rabbit hole for the first time.

Sam & Friend ferreting
Sam and his friend Stan ferreting

Top: Sam putting "Whitey down a rabbit hole, purse nets are set ready for action

Bottom: Sam and his friend Stan sat with their first ferreted rabbit bolted by "Whitey". It took most of the day to get a rabbit and they were delighted.

The boss Pigeon Shooting

Above: Swinging onto a Pigeon with the old Baikal 3.5" Semi Auto 12 Bore, a great Pigeon Shooting and Wildfowling Gun. 

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