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Shooting Syndicate Vacancies

We have vacancies for our Shooting Syndicate situated 5 miles West of Barnard Castle. Close to the A66 and the borders of Cumbria, Durham and North Yorkshire it is convenient for travel from a wide area. The shoot is laid out over undulating and challenging ground in Upper Teesdale, the shoot is south facing with steep banks down towards to River Tees and amazing views over the North Pennine Grouse Moors.


The shoot extends to about 450 acres of woodland which was planted on Heather Moorland from the 1950's onwards. Over the years large areas have been cleared and replanted meaning there is a good mix of ages and species of Timber. Unlike many areas of woodland we have excellent ground cover with areas of heather, bilberry or bracken cover - all hold Pheasant's and Woodcock. An extensive felling & regeneration programme has left us with about 50% of our ground "open" and this combined with deep ghylls, valleys and hills mean we can present testing birds. Shots vary from high curling birds from hilltops over open ground to snap shots in mature Larch.


Rough Shoot Day
A good bag from a cold December Rough Shoot Day.
This season we are reverting to shooting on a "stand one/beat one" basis and we expect to have 10 of these days in 2011/12. The format of our stand one/walk one day is similar to a mini-driven day but the guns take turns to perform the beating duties. At the start of the day we will split those present into two teams and they then take it in turn to stand & shoot alternating this with a turn in the beating line on the next drive and so on throughout the day. We expect to have 14 people present - 7 beating and 7 shooting. This is a cost effective and interesting way to become involved in a semi-formal shoot as you get the excitement of shooting and the enjoyment of flushing birds for others. Most birds shot are driven and generally no birds are shot by the team that is beating. In the early season the bag is primarily Pheasant, as we move into November a nice number of Woodcock show up and we also get a few ducks on the driven days. Working dogs are welcome and these days are a great way to enjoy putting your dog as well as yourself to the test!


Over the next 12 months we are expecting ongoing forestry work to clear a substantial block of timber adjoining Eggleston Grouse moor and as this area of woodland has a heather and bilberry floor we are hopeful that we will again see grouse on the shoot.


We have six flight ponds on the shoot and next season we will be shooting these on a rota at the end of our shoot days. We have some excellent flighting and this season we had shot over 150 ducks at night flight by early January.


Syndicate members have access to excellent closed season Pigeon flighting and Rabbit shooting.  Rabbit shooting with the shotgun, rifle and air rifle is good from early spring onwards. The best of the Pigeon flighting is late in the afternoon from late June until September. Members are welcome to utilise these facilities after "booking in" via our own internet forum to check no one else is on site.  All of our members have access to our own Internet forum and using this they can discuss the shoot, post news, view updates, etc..


Disruption from heavy snow and forestry work in 2010/11 has meant we have only shot a small percentage of the Pheasants held on the shoot. Fortunately we have excellent breeding cover and extensive vermin control undertaken for us by the neighbouring moorland 'keeper means that over wintered birds breed very well and so we are reducing our subscriptions and release programme for one season and concentrating on shooting our "wild" birds. This season we are planning a smaller release of either Redlegs or Pheasants and we have passed the cost saving on to our members..


 Our subscription rates for 2011/12 are not agreed yet but they are likely to be in the region of £599 for new members - that gives a years membership. That includes closed season access for Pigeon and Rabbit Shooting, 10 days Game shooting and evening duck flighting from 1st September. Our membership year runs April to April but anyone joining prior to April 2011 may access the shoot as soon as they pay 50% of their subscription. Anyone joining our syndicate must also join BASC as the shoot is affiliated to them for insurance purposes.


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NOTE: This shooting syndicate is not part of the Direct Shooting Supplies business. Two of our staff are members of the syndicate and Direct Shooting Supplies simply displays details of the oppurtunity on behalf of the syndicate. The syndicate is a non-profit making organisation run by and for the benefit of it's members.

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