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DSS Wildfowling Features - The Greylag Goose Call & Goose Calling tips.
Calling Greylag Geese with "Stotty"

"Stotty" demonstrating Goose Calls at the Midland GF
Here, through a short video, the Direct Shooting Supplies Pro-Staff give you some advice on calling Greylag Geese. "Stotty" is a hugely experienced foreshore wildfowler who spends the winter months pursuing wild ducks and geese on his local west coast estuary. The advice "Stotty" gives here will give you the foundations to help you call Greylags but be mindful that "Stotty" still spends many hours at home and in his office practicing, developing and perfecting his calling techniques. If you want to be a successful caller then this comes with practice – there are plenty of moderate callers out there but not many experts. I’d advise you to get out to your local nature reserve or park where you can watch and listen to Grey’s when they are “relaxed” – watch the body language and listen to the range of calls they use in different situations. Listen to how geese on the ground call to incoming geese and also to how they chuckle away as they feed contently. See if you can hear the alarm call and then avoid this one! In general don’t over call geese, Grey’s are pretty easy to work when you get it right and once you have them “locked” leave well alone unless they start to drift off-line.


In his video “Stotty” is using a Haydel’s Canada Goose Call that he’s slightly re-tuned to suit his own calling technique but you’ll find that the Haydel’s H-81 Honker makes a good Greylag Call straight from the box.


“Stotty” and I are always happy to answer your wildfowling and calling questions so feel free to drop us a line


.....and just for good measure another of our Pro-Staffers, Robert, gives us a blast with the Haydel's H-81 as a Greylag Call. Here is why it had already helped Robert put 30+ Greys into the bag in the first 2 months of the 2010 season.


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