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Wildfowling - Late Season 2009/10
Wildfowling with the Paddlesdown Pro-Staff

Sorry, I start every season the same way, full of good intentions and promises to keep you informed of my wildfowling exploits but it always goes astray as we get into the year.

Lindisfarne, heading out
Sam laden with a rucksack of deecs heads out for the tide flight
Maybe we had an excuse this year? Early November had seen us out of the South Solway and up at Lindisfarne with a nice Wigeon flight at the latter. Starting from late November until Christmas business was fantastic so I was office bound working a 12 hour day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks so that stopped the wildfowling! We had big plans for December and early January with morning flights, moon flights and full days planned during Sam's school holidays but plans were wrecked when heavy snow came on the 15th December and this left our road to the west coast closed every night until early January!! Then come January we headed off to the USA and only landed back in the UK during the last week of January so that left us with very little 'fowling time to play with. The Full moon was then a further disapointment with totally unsuitable conditions. Most of our energy for early 2010 went into the last week of the foreshore season when Sam was again on holiday - although we blanked we saw some fantastic flights of Pinks in real butterfly weather!

Despite all the negatives those last few weeks saw Sam get his first ever Teal and he added a further Greylag, 2 Teal and 17 Mallard to his season's bag and I added 3 Geese, 1 Teal, 1 Pochard, 1 Wigeon and 23 Mallard to my seasons total.

Geese into the deecs
The lump at bottom of the picture is Sam's head! Geese coming into the deecs on the shore during the last week of the season

Now looking forward to 2010/11 and with the help of our camera and video camera we will keep you up to speed.

Here are a few final snaps from the 2009/10 Wildfowling Season

The last week of foreshore season and the long walk out onto the Big Marsh has taken it's toll on the youngster!! Strange how I can manage to carry 36 goose deecs to his 8 wigeon?

Warm weather
Shirt sleeved wildfowling in November. Tide flight at Lindisfarne.

Sam & Jimmy the Jock
Sam and Jimmy the Jock wade out to Harvey's Island.

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