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General > A few of our Wildfowling pictures.
A few of our Wildfowling pictures.

Yes, at Direct shooting Supplies we do know about shooting and we know the products to suit your needs!

If you want to know about our wildfowling exploits then look at our Wildfowling Diary or follow "Stottys" wildfowling exploits - it's all on our website.

Here are a few of our Wildfowling pictures:


Wildfowlers - after morning flight

Young (and old) Wildfowler after morning flight. Lindisfarne October 2008.


Wildfowler and dog

Morning Flight, February 2009.

 Wildfowler and Pinkfoot

 Above: Wildfowling at Lindisfarne and a Pinkfoot in the bag.

2007 Wildfowling Season

Above left: Early September and Sam is setting out onto one of the Kent Estuary Marshes controlled by Westmorland Wildfowlers. Above Right: Sam decoying Mallard into a small bit of water at evening flight, he took a lovely shot over the deecs. Centre: Waiting (and hoping) for Feral Greylags on Foulshaw Marsh on the Kent Estuary.

The young Wildfowler with his first Goose of 2007/08
Sam with his first goose of the 2007/08 season. A Greylag shot at morning flight with his 20 bore on the 18th September.

Sam at evening flight for Geese  Sam, then aged 6, with a Greylag

The picture on the left was taken in September 2006 & show's young Sam with his 20 bore flighting Geese, this time it was a blank flight but no less enjoyable. On the right we see Sam way back in November 2004 with a Greylag that I shot at morning flight. Under Sam's camo' Jacket you can see his School uniform - a quick change at the School Gate and he's ready for his day!

Waiting for evening flight with Ash on the Montrose Basin.

Waiting for evening flight out on the sand's of the tidal Montrose Basin. Looks like I've got my Baikal 3.5" auto with me and an Army Bergen for the birds - seem to remember it turned out to be a blank though! Ash is with me, the best Wildfowling dog I ever had - if a duck or goose was down he's not come back without it.Wildfowling, Morning Flight on the Montrose Basin

 Waiting for morning flight on the Montrose Basin, looking towards to Steeple in Montrose. Out there between me and Montrose is a lot of mud and thousands of Pinkfeet, I hope!

 Sam calling Geese with his OLT 800 Wildfowling, a good morning flight at Geese 

 On the left Sam back in 2004 with his OLT 800 Goose Call, I can also spot my Ithaca 10g behind him. On the right I'm arriving back at the vehicle after a very good morning flight with 4 Greylags. Round my neck is the Haydels H-81 I use on Grey's & Canada's plus the Haydels MSG96 that is great for Pink's. This was the first time I used Gamebore 3.5" Steel shells through the auto and found them deadly.6 year old Wildfowler - Sams first goose.  Sams first Canada Goose

 Left is Sam then aged 7 with the first goose he shot, a very large Greylag. Shot over the decoys with a little pump action .410. Right is Sam then 8 after shooting his first Canada Goose. He got this one at the start of the 2006/07 season on the Firth of Tay with his new 20g O/U and a dose of Hevi Shot.Wildfowling, Tide Flight at Lindisfarne Three Greylags for Sam

 Left, about to collect the decoys after a tide flight for Wigeon at Lindisfarne. Right, Sam has had a super evening flight at Geese including his first Right and Left with his little 20g.Watching Wigeon at Lindisfarne

 Tide flighting at Lindisfarne in October 2006. Glassing the area up and watching a big pack of Wigeon sat out on the flat calm water - no chance of a shot today!

Wildfowlers ready to Set Off
Sam, Steve and Gordon ready to set out for evening flight on the Westmorland Marshes.

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