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A few photographs of Young Shots in action Rough Shooting, Clay Shooting, Game Shooting, Wildfowling and Vermin Control

ABOVE - BUNNY BURGERS: Rabbit - the essential ingredient for a "Bunny Burger", nothing wasted. Rabbit meat+mixed herbs+olive oil+garlic+tomato sauce+a touch of red wine+a few breadcrumbs. Place into a Burger Press (a fiver on eBay) and one rabbit makes half a dozen burgers. Fry in a bit of olive oil, top with bacon and melted cheese.


Top left: Sam (10) shooting with his 20g Lincoln Over & Under. A nice stance and set up waiting at the bottom of the river valley for a high driven bird.

Top right: Sam unloads after a good shot on New Years Day.

Bottom left: Sam is pleased to have a Mole in one of the 3 Mole traps he set the night before. As you can in the background he still has a bit of work to do!

Bottom right: Sam swings his 20 bore onto a very difficult target, he is in the river valley below a cliff and the target is a high & curling semi-crossing  bird.   

Young Shots Pigeon Shooting

Sam and Harry after a short Pigeon Flight into our woods on the North Pennines. Sam is shooting with his new Webley 12 Bore Semi Auto whilst Harry acted as a "Gun Dog" for Sam (our Dogs are in kennels as we should have been on holiday).

First Pigeon with the new 12 bore

Sam with his first Woodpigeon Shot with his new Webley 3" Magnum Semi Auto.

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